About Us

What does the term Mechanical Marketing mean?

Mechanical Marketing- A systematic approach to digital marketing that requires you to craft sales funnels and campaigns starting with the end goal first, then reverse engineering your way to the first touch point of your potential customers.

Who are you and why should I read your blog?

If you want to learn proven customer acquisition and sales funnel strategies, you are in the right place.

I'm sure you are thinking... "not another damn marketing blog," and rightfully so.

What I can promise you is that we will be different. Our content will be more thorough, helpful, easier to read, actionable, and designed to get you results in your business.

We believe it is important for all businesses online to stay up to date with the latest tactics and strategies but what good are they if they are not proven to work?

That is why we focus on sharing proven strategies new and old.

If you are like us and care about results over the shiny new technique or another "XYZ is Dead" post then you will find our content refreshingly useful.

What else does Mechanical Marketing do?

Aside from creating awesome content we also have a SaaS business that creates tools to help small businesses like yours market online efficiently and more profitability.

You can check out our products here.

Anything else I should know about you?

We are excited to have you as apart of our community! Hopefully, you enjoy and take action on the information we will be sharing with you here.

Our team will be adding new content and resources all the time, so feel free to visit us often.

Also, don't be a stranger. If you need to reach out to us, comment on our posts, or visit the Contact Us page to get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

Talk soon,
Brandon Shelton

Who is Brandon Shelton?
The Founder of Mechanical Marketing (a SaaS and online marketing content company) who loves studying marketing and playing basketball.

He's certified in Google Analytics, has helped grow ClickMagick to a 7-figure SaaS as a partner and Chief Growth Officer, and is the Founder of LeadShield.