3 Email Formatting Tips To Make Your Subscribers Want To Read Your Emails

3 Email Formatting Tips To Make Your Subscribers Want To Read Your Emails


Hey, Brandon here, and in this video, I'm going to give you three email formatting tips that will make your subscribers want to read your emails. Let's get right into it. Now, I'm not sure if you're aware, but our eyes actually have six muscles that allow us to move our eyeballs in different directions. Now, two muscles that are key to this, which is tip one, is our lateral rectus and our medial rectus. Those two muscles are what allows our eyes to move left to right. Now, tip one is to not make your email formatting too wide. It'll actually fatigue your readers' eyes, because they'll have to cover too much distance left to right.

If you look at these two different emails next to each other, it looks like it's two completely different emails, but it's actually the exact same text. It's just that the one to the right here is actually much wider. You don't want to make your emails this wide, because it makes it a lot harder to read and it also can actually fatigue your readers' eyes, especially if you're creating longer emails. A tip that I use to make sure that the emails that I write are not too long is I'll just type out zero through nine. I'll do zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Then I copy it, and then I paste it in twice.

If you see here, this email to the left, I make sure that the length of each line is pretty much congruent to the end of this nine here. If you want your emails to be slightly wider, you can paste it a fourth time, but I just prefer to do it only three times. That's a nice little tip so that you can make sure that your email formatting is not too wide and your readers can easily digest your emails.

Another tip, which is tip two, is going to be never make any of your paragraphs longer than three to four lines. Let's just take a look at this. You can see here that both sides, there's no paragraphs longer than three or four lines, but if I put this together, you can see that this right here is not as easily readable as this. That's just because when you put all that stuff together and you have over three to four lines per paragraph, it makes it really really difficult for your readers and your subscribers to be able to read your emails.

Now, tip number three is to make sure that you break off sentences for curiosity and to entice your readers to want to read the nice line. Let me just give you an example of how this would work. If you look at this first line here, it says "I haven't emailed you in over four months, but I have a good reason" dot dot dot. When a subscriber reads a line like this, the first thing they're thinking is, "Okay, you haven't emailed me in four months." When I say, "But I have a good reason," they're going to want to know what that good reason is. It makes them want to read the next line, which is "Watch this video" and then there's a link to a video explanation of why I haven't emailed them in four months.

Now, if you look to the right, this is all in one line, so there's no curiosity built up to make them want to continue reading. Again, because the lines are so wide, at some point, as someone's reading through your emails, they could just say, "Okay, I'm tired of reading this. It's not as easily to read." You're not providing that same curiosity factor by bunching it together. Let's just look at another example later on in this email. I say, "Now that we've got that the way, I wanted to tell you about a free beta to a very cool heat mapping software," dot dot dot.

When my email subscriber readers this, they're automatically going to think, "Okay, what heat mapping software is he referring to?" It's going to make them read the next line, which says, "Check it out," and then gives a link to the actual heat mapping software. Again, you can see here, even though it's the same text, it doesn't have the same flow because it's all bunched together. That curiosity factor with the dot dot dots, how I break off the sentences, it doesn't have the same effect as far as making my reader want to continue reading the next line.

Those are just three simple and easy tips that you can use when you're formatting your emails. You can go ahead and implement this into your email marketing and it will really help your subscribers enjoy your emails better and it'll actually make them read them from top to bottom. Again, these are three simple tips. Go ahead, implement them in your marketing, comment below, let me know what you think. Can't wait to see you in the next one.

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